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Westinghouse Pays $50,000 Civil Penalty to Resolve Light Bulb Efficiency Violations

December 13, 2010 - 2:12pm


The Department of Energy has successfully resolved the enforcement case against Westinghouse Lighting Corporation for failure to certify its light bulbs as compliant with DOE’s federal efficiency requirements and for the sale of at least 29,000 general service fluorescent and medium base compact fluorescent lamps that used more energy than permitted by law.  This case reflects DOE’s renewed commitment to enforce the federal efficiency requirements systematically and fairly to level the competitive playing field and to ensure that American consumers are buying products that deliver significant energy and cost savings in accord with the law. 

DOE initiated this case in April 2010, issuing a penalty notice for Westinghouse’s failure to file legally required reports with the Department certifying that their products comply with federal law.  Based on information provided in response to that notice, the Department determined that Westinghouse’s lamp models F40T12/CWE (07521000) and 15GLOBE/65/2 (3800400) failed to comply with DOE’s efficiency requirements and ordered Westinghouse to cease sales of these products.  Westinghouse has now properly certified all of its covered products and ceased distribution of the noncompliant models.  In the settlement announced today, DOE agreed to accept a civil penalty of $50,000, after considering factors set forth in DOE’s penalty guidance.  The agreement can be found here.