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Westinghouse and Fuzhou Permitted to Restart Distribution of Light Bulb Products

August 6, 2010 - 4:26pm


The Department has issued Notices of Allowance  to Westinghouse Lighting Corporation and Fuzhou Sunlight Lighting Electrical Appliance Company determining, based on corrected test data provided by Westinghouse, that the incandescent reflector lamps listed below are compliant with the federal energy conservation standard and may be sold in the United States.

These 11 Westinghouse brand lamps, usually used in recessed light fixtures, correspond to 7 basic models, which are manufactured in China by Fuzhou.  DOE had previously issued Notices requiring Fuzhou and Westinghouse to cease distribution of 8 basic models, corresponding to 12 Westinghouse product codes, based on test results the company provided showing they failed to meet the federal standard. Westinghouse later admitted that those tests were not performed in accordance with DOE regulations.

DOE has now reviewed new data provided by Fuzhou and Westinghouse and determined that 11 of the products are compliant and may again be sold. The companies have yet to provide DOE with data for the 12th product – Westinghouse product code 0521000 (basic model no. 50PAR30_F).

Westinghouse Product Code:
0521100; 0528400; 0351700; 0521300; 0352600; 0548400; 0548700; 0548600; 0521400; 3691700; 3698900

Fuzhou Basic Models:
75PAR30_F; 45PAR38/F; 75PAR38/F; 90PAR38/F_130; 90PAR38/F; 90PAR38; 90PAR38_130