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DOE Withdraws the Energy Star Label from 34 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

January 26, 2010 - 11:41am


Washington, DC - On January 25th, the General Counsel notified 25 manufacturers that the Department of Energy has withdrawn their right to use the Energy Star label on 34 different models of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).  The Department took this action after its off-the-shelf testing revealed that the affected models do not last as long in regular use as Energy Star certification would require.  As a result, these manufacturers have been informed that they can no longer ship or sell any of the 34 models of CFLs bearing the Energy Star label on the bulb or its packaging.

All compact fluorescent light bulbs use about 75 percent less energy and last about 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. But it is only the most energy efficient and longest lasting of these CFL bulbs – the best of the best – that are certified as Energy Star products. 

The notifications to manufacturers are available here.

DOE has prohibited the following manufacturers from any further sales or shipments of Energy-Star labeled versions of the following light bulbs:


Manufacturer Model Number Type Wattage
Buffalo Lite 2214 Bare 60
Canadian Tire  0542-5391-4 Bare 60
CAN Lighting EST-14W  Bare  60
Conglom Inc. P17752 Bare  60
Cyber Tech Lighting P14XSP/WW Bare  60
Do It Best  FE-IISB-14W-WW  Bare  60
Feit Electric  BPESL14T2/2(I) Bare 60 
Feit Electric BPESL15T/DM  Bare – Dimmable  75
Feit Electric ESL15R30TM Reflector 65 
Fred's Inc. 12168 Bare  60
Fred's Inc. 12143 Bare 60 
Fred's Inc.  12171 Bare 60 
Greenlite Lighting Corp.  14W/ELS-U/1 Bare  60
Honeywell Light Bulbs  HS14BX3 Bare 60 
Honeywell Light Bulbs HS14CL3 Bare  60 
Howard Industries  CF14MS/827 Bare 60 
Hudson's Bay T2-14W-WW-10-2 Bare  60 
Lights of America  2814L Bare 60 
L'image Home Products 11799  Bare 60 
L'image Home Products  11800 Bare 60 
L'image Home Products 11671 Bare  60
L'image Home Products 11985 Bare  60 
Litetronics Inc. EL-14527 Bare  60 
Lowe's Companies  LPB15R30M2  Reflector  65 
MaxLite  HCS14T2WW Bare  60
MaxLite  MLS14T2S-14W Bare 60
Silk Ventures Group Limited FE-IISB-14W Bare  60
The Kroger Company  2814-BXEL Bare 60
Topstar International Inc. CFLT2MS-14W Bare  60
Turolight Inc. TL-EDGE14-27 Bare  60
Uninex International KL1914 Bare  60
U Lighting  SDS-15W Bare - Dimmable 75
Xiamen Longstar FE-IISB-14W Bare  60
Zhejiang Yankon Group FE172 13S Bare 60