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DOE Resolves Nearly One-Third of 27 Recently Filed Civil Penalty Cases

September 23, 2010 - 5:14pm


The Department has successfully resolved eight of the 27 enforcement cases brought just two weeks ago against companies for selling products without properly certifying their compliance with the Department's conservation standards.  The swift resolution of nearly one-third of these cases reflects the central goal of the Department’s enforcement effort – compliance with all aspects of the Department’s regulations to ensure that consumers have the information they need to buy energy and cost saving products. 

Each of the eight companies responded promptly to the Department's notice, cooperated fully to resolve all issues, and committed to certifying properly all covered products in accordance with the Department's regulations.  Four companies, AM Conservation Group, Inc., Artisan Manufacturing Company, ASKO Appliances, Inc., and Navien America, Inc., each agreed to pay $5,000 in penalties and committed to certify all products within the next 60 days or face additional penalties.

The Department waived entirely the proposed penalty in its cases against General Electric Appliances, Engineered Solutions, Inc., Basement Systems, Inc. and De'Longhi USA, in exchange for each company's commitment to certify properly, based on the Department’s finding that the companies sold the products at issue without proper certification for approximately 60 days. In addition, General Electric Appliances and De'Longhi USA had attempted to certify their products by submitting certification information to the Department informally, rather than through the process set forth in the Department's regulations.  

The compromise agreements for these eight companies are available here.