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DOE Requires Westinghouse to Cease Sales of Two Light Bulb Models and Allows Sale of Another

October 18, 2010 - 10:27am


As a part of DOE's continuing enforcement action against Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, the company must cease sales of two light bulb models - medium based CFL basic model 15GLOBE/65/2 (Westinghouse product code 3800400) and general service fluorescent lamp model F40T12/CWE (Westinghouse product code 07521000) - because they do not meet DOE's energy efficiency standards. 

Based on test data provided by Westinghouse for basic model 15GLOBE/65/2, DOE has issued a Notice of Non-Compliance Determination to Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, requiring Westinghouse to halt sales and notify all of their direct U.S. customers (i.e., distributors and retailers) that have been sold noncompliant units.  For basic model F40T12/CWE, Westinghouse admitted that the product does not comply with applicable energy conservation regulations and has already taken steps to cease distribution and notify all of their direct U.S. customers.

The Department has also issued Notices of Allowance to Westinghouse Lighting Corporation and Fuzhou Sunlight Lighting Electrical Appliance Company to allow the companies to resume sales of an incandescent reflector lamp basic model 50PAR30_F (Westinghouse product code 0521000), which is manufactured by Fuzhou and sold under the Westinghouse brand.  The companies previously submitted data to DOE showing that 12 Westinghouse-brand products, including this one, failed to meet the federal standard, which led DOE to issue Notices requiring Fuzhou and Westinghouse to cease distribution. 

The companies later provided corrected data for 11 of the 12 products, based on which DOE issued Notices allowing Fuzhou and Westinghouse to resume distribution of those products.  DOE has now reviewed the corrected data provided by Fuzhou and Westinghouse for the 12th product code and determined that the product is compliant and may again be sold.