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Aerosys Agrees to Pay Civil Penalty and Submit Test Data in Settlement with DOE

July 6, 2010 - 3:08pm


WASHINGTON, DC - The Department of Energy announced today that AeroSys, Inc. has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $25,000 and take a number of other actions designed to ensure its future compliance with DOE's energy efficiency standards. Last fall, the Department subpoenaed AeroSys's data on the energy use of certain heat pumps and air conditioners and then issued a demand to test 6 air conditioner models and one heat pump.

DOE testing revealed that one heat pump model and two air conditioner models consumed more energy than allowed under federal efficiency standards and required AeroSys to cease distribution of those models. DOE also issued a civil penalty notice to AeroSys for violations of the Department's certification requirements.

Today's Agreement resolves the Department's outstanding claims against Aerosys and ensures its future compliance with energy efficiency regulations through enhanced DOE oversight. Under the agreement, AeroSys must submit all energy efficiency test reports to DOE for the next three years to ensure the through-the-wall heat pumps and air conditioners manufactured by AeroSys comply with the minimum energy efficiency standards.

If, upon review, DOE determines AeroSys’s in-house testing is not accurate or reliable, the agreement requires AeroSys to use an independent third-party test facility to certify products. In addition, AeroSys has submitted four of its previously distributed, highest sale volume models for independent third-party testing to ensure that those models met the federal standard in effect at the time.

Read the full Adopting Order and Compromise Agreement here.