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Tips: Passive Solar Heating and Cooling

Tips: Passive Solar Heating and Cooling

Using passive solar design to heat and cool your home can be both environmentally friendly and cost effective. In many cases, your heating costs can be reduced to less than half the cost of heating a typical home.

Passive solar design can also help lower your cooling costs. Passive solar cooling techniques include carefully designed overhangs and using reflective coatings on windows, exterior walls, and roofs. Newer techniques include placing large, insulated windows on south-facing walls and putting thermal mass, such as a concrete slab floor or a heat-absorbing wall, close to the windows.

A passive solar house requires careful design and siting, which vary by local climate conditions. If you are considering passive solar design for a new home or a major remodel, consult an architect familiar with passive solar techniques.

Passive Solar Tips

  • Keep all south-facing glass clean.
  • Make sure that objects do not block sunlight on concrete slab floors or heat-absorbing walls.

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