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This Month on Energy Savers: June 2011

June 30, 2011 - 6:30pm


Can you believe it's already almost the Fourth of July? It feels like summer is just getting started! Before you take off for a weekend of sun, fun, fireworks, and barbecue, check out what happened in June on Energy Savers.

New or Notable on Energy Savers

  • You can light your home using the same amount of light for less money. Check out the lighting choices to save you money.
  • Now that summer is in full swing, you may be struggling to stay cool without spending a bundle on your energy costs. Be sure to check out Stay Cool, Save Money for some ideas.

On the Blog, In Case You Missed It…This Month

Weekly Questions—Did You Share Your Answer?

From the Archives:

Comment Spotlight

Many of you had ideas for our question "How Do You Use Daylighting While Reducing Excess Heat from Windows?". Here are just a few of the great responses:

  • Robert commented, "South facing windows are a blessing in the northern hemisphere ! We should all be so fortunate. Entire books have been written on the topic. But without really knowing your climate location I would suggest that OVERHANGS for south facing windows are the simplest solution. In the summer when the sun is typically high in the sky the glass is protected yet diffused light can enter the room. There is less energy in diffused light, and therefore less summer solar heat gain. Then in the Winter when the sun is lower in the sky and when the solar gains are desirable, (depending on the dimensions of the overhang) the solar gain as direct sunlight can enter the windows. Enjoy your sunshine in the winter and keep cool in the summer."
  • Greg said, "A professional grade window tint helps, or installing an awning on the outside. Black out drapery, but you lose the light. For a retrofit, always looks for at energy labeling sticker, the lower the number the better."
  • Jim N. commented, "I just installed sun-blocking screens. They cut down the light slightly but block 80% of the heat. If the windows get full sun, the little bit of light you lose won't matter."

Have a very happy and safe Fourth of July weekend!