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Animations, Videos, and Other Flashy Shiny Things from EERE

May 19, 2009 - 12:21pm


While it doesn't fit quite perfectly into the little niche of "energy-saving things you can do at home," I found myself thinking while I stared at EERE's new Multimedia Site this week. I started thinking about how there were a lot of really simple, really cute files here that explained how renewable energy and energy efficient technologies worked, and all in a way that anyone could understand. And I thought, well, wouldn't this be helpful to show around?

So I guess my post this week will be educational. If nothing else, the Multimedia site has some fun stuff that you can click around and play with, and what more can you ask for from a Web site?

EERE's Multimedia Web site has animations, photograph libraries, videos, and audio files. Some of the content is Program or research-specific, and some of it's a bit technical, but for most people, I think the animations might be interesting. A lot of them do a great job of explaining basic renewable information, including animations about how geothermal plants work, how hydrogen fuel cells work, how hybrid electric vehicles work, and how wind turbines work.

So feel free to look around! Some of the stuff this site highlights is really interesting.