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State Agreements-In-Principle

The EM Office of Regulatory Compliance coordinates within EM offices and other Departmental organizations to review proposed Agreements-in-Principle (AIPs) with States. We review proposed agreements and, if necessary, develop program policies to support Program and Field Office implementation of the AIP program.
On December 22, 1995, EM-1 released the State Agreement-In-Principle Program Guidance Memorandum. The guidance memorandum has several attachments to it, including frequently asked questions and answers regarding AIPs, mandatory and optional provisions, and model language.

On August 14, 1994, EM-1 released the Delegation of Authority Memorandum, which describes authorities for various financial assistance agreements. It notes that the Field "should continue to coordinate with EM in planning for, obtaining appropriate approvals, and implementing the activities funded by EM."

On January 31, 1995, EM-1 released the Approval of Agreement-in-Principle with the State of Alaska Memorandum. The memorandum provides EM-1's approval of "the execution of the Agreement-in-Principle and related grant...." by the Nevada Operations Office Manager. These memoranda are referred to as Attachment H and I, respectively, in Attachment G to the December 22, 1995 State AIP Program Guidance Memorandum.

EM has provided this guidance for Field Offices to review prior to initiating new AIPs or renegotiating current AIPs. For more information on initiating new or renegotiating current AIPs, contact Rob Seifert at or 301-903-9638.