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Site Programs & Cooperative Agreements: Los Alamos and National Laboratory

Los Alamos and National Laboratory (LANL)

The Los Alamos Pueblos Project (LAPP), comprised of four New Mexico pueblo governments (Santa Clara Pueblo, Pueblo of Cochiti, Pueblo of Jemez, and Pueblo de San Ildefonso), has individual cooperative agreements to develop and maintain environmental monitoring programs. The LAPP is funded by both EM and National Nuclear Security Administration/Defense Programs (NNSA). Funds provided vary from one Pueblo to another. In addition, EM funds the Santa Fe Indian School to work with the LAPP pueblos.

Provisions of the agreements allow LAPP tribal program personnel to obtain the necessary training to monitor and sample soil, air, groundwater, and other media. Such sampling is performed both at the pueblo level and jointly with LANL. The agreements allow for the formation of pueblo structured environmental programs to ensure DOE operations are not impacting the pueblo lands; and to the extent there are impacts, allow for continued monitoring of contaminated sites. The Pueblos utilize the Santa Fe Indian School to assist in monitoring activities and collaborate with Los Alamos National Laboratory on issues of mutual interest. Currently, LAPP personnel are actively participating, at the request of DOE, NNSA, and LANL, in reviewing and commenting on the LANL Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement.

For more information, please visit the Albuquerque Operations Office , Los Alamos Site Office , Los Alamos National Laboratory , and/or the Sandia National Laboratory .