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Office of Safeguards, Security & Emergency Preparedness

Office of Safeguards, Security & Emergency Preparedness


  • Develop and oversee the implementation of policy and guidance with respect to security and emergency management.
  • Foster continuous improvement across the Environmental Management (EM) complex through application of Integrated Safeguards and Security Management principles.
  • Serve as a liaison with sites and other agencies on security and emergency management issues.

Major Responsibilities

  • Ensure the mandatory level of safeguards and security protection, with managed risk, for EM’s nuclear materials, facilities, classified material, documents and other government assets.
  • Apply the Graded Security Protection (GSP) Policy and other essential Department of Energy safeguards and security requirements.  
  • Ensure security and emergency management policies are integrated into all aspects of EM field site operations.
  • Provide effective and efficient safeguards and security solutions to EM field sites to accelerate achievement of the EM cleanup mission.
  • Provide EM headquarters personnel with security support needs, including clearance processing services, security badges, management of classified documents and security awareness training.