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End Points Specification Methods

Two methods to develop end point specifications are presented. These have evolved from use in the field for deactivation projects.

  • The hierarchical method is systematic, comprehensive, and completely defensible as to the basis for each specification. This method may appear complex to the uninitiated, but it is a straightforward application of a systematic engineering approach. It is labor intensive only during the final stage. This method is appropriate to the type of project involving a complex facility that contains process systems and a variety of contaminated areas or other hazards.
  • The checklist method is an approach that is more appropriate to facilities which require less detailed planning, such as for industrial type buildings which are relatively uncontaminated, without or with only a few process systems, and without or with minimal chemical hazards. The checklist method is consistent with a tailored approach to planning, in which the level of detail is appropriate to the complexity and risks of the project.