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EM Tank Waste Subcommittee Report for SRS / Hanford Tank Waste Review

Environmental Management Advisory Board
EM Tank Waste Subcommittee Report for SRS / Hanford Tank
Waste Review
Report Number TWS #003
EMAB EM-TWS SRS / Hanford Tank Waste
June 23, 2011

This is the second report of the Environmental Management Tank Waste Subcommittee (EMTWS) of the Environmental Management Advisory Board (EMAB). The first report was submitted and accepted by the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM-1) in September 2010. The EM-TWS responded to three charges from EM-1 regarding the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant at Hanford (WTP) under construction in Richland, Washington. EM’s responses were timely, and efforts have been put in place to address the recommendations that EMAB made.

This report addresses eight charges given to the EM-TWS earlier this fiscal year. The current version of this report addresses fully the first seven charges, and it is anticipated that the eighth charge will be fully addressed by the close of the fiscal year.

The EM-TWS extends its compliments and thanks to EM-1 and Headquarters staff and field offices at the Savannah River Site and the Office of River Protection at the Hanford Site for their willingness to support the Subcommittee’s efforts as well as to provide timely responses to data requests made of them. We particularly want to thank the support staff in EM’s Office of Public and intergovernmental Accountability.