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DOE Order 435.1 Performance Assessment Savannah River Site

Performance Assessments (PA) are analyses conducted for low level radioactive waste disposal facilities (or appropriate CERCLA documentation for a low level radioactive waste disposal facility), and are critical in determining the nature and extent of the controls that need to be put in place at the facility being evaluated. There are specific requirements for the protection of the public, workers, and environment that are critical to maintaining safe and effective disposal of radioactive waste and the PA is a risk analysis of the potential hazards of disposing of low level radioactive waste. The review and approval of these evaluations is extremely important for management of low level radioactive waste to ensure it is being conducted safely and effectively. Because new information becomes available over time, DOE has committed to maintaining the technical validity of each PA as found necessary.

The current draft Saltstone PA can be viewed through the first link, below. It was sent out for public comment but that period is now closed.

During development of the waste determination for the Savannah River Site F-Area Tank Farm, a Performance Assessment was prepared which was provided to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for their consultation. The F-Area Tank Farm Performance Assessment can be accessed by following the second link provided below.

A draft H-Area Tank Farm Performance Assessment (third link below) was prepared to provide the long term risk assessment of leaving residual radioactivity in the tanks upon closure. This PA is available for public comment from March 31 to June 30, 2011.