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DOE EM Project Experience & Lessons Learned for In Situ Decommissioning (Feb. 2013)

The purpose of the "DOE EM Project Experience & Lessons Learned for In Situ Decommissioning" report is to capture the considerable technical experience gained to date for implementation of In Situ Decommissioning (ISD) projects at DOE facilities.  As current and projected budgets for the EM program indicate reduced and flat funding profiles for the foreseeable future, the potential exists for this institutional knowledge to be lost as the ramp-down of project staffing commences with the cessation of ARRA.  EM’s Office of Deactivation & Decommissioning and Facility Engineering tasked this summary report to record the experience while still readily accessible.  The primary objective is to provide a reference for use by the DOE’s federal project directors along with other federal and contractor managers and staff so they may effectively and efficiently plan and implement subsequent ISD projects.