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Idaho National Laboratory Annual Site Environmental Report Issued

September 20, 2011 - 12:00pm


The annual report that informs stakeholders about the Idaho National Laboratory’s environmental performance for the year 2010 is now available to the public. To access the report, go to ( or contact Gonzales-Stoller Surveillance at (208) 525-8250, to request a CD containing the report.

The report includes data generated by effluent monitoring and environmental surveillance of air, water, soil, vegetation, biota and agricultural products for radioactivity. The results are then compared with historical data, background measurements, and/or applicable standards and requirements in order to verify that INL Site activities do not adversely impact human health or the environment.

Highlights of this year’s report include:

  • The INL Site is in compliance with applicable environmental regulations which have been established to protect human health and the environment.
  • Air radionuclide concentrations measured at the INL Site boundary and offsite communities were below U.S. Department of Energy health standards and were within historical and natural background measurements.
  • Measurements of radionuclides in other offsite media, including surface water, soil and agricultural products, were consistent with those made historically and at background locations.
  • Potential radiological doses to the public from INL Site operations were calculated to determine compliance with pertinent regulations and limits, and those calculations show they were all in compliance with the appropriate regulations and well below limits.

The INL annual environmental report is compiled by Gonzales-Stoller Surveillance, DOE’s Environmental Surveillance, Education and Research Program (ESER) contractor. DOE’s Idaho Site includes the Idaho National Laboratory, the nation’s leading nuclear energy research laboratory, and the Idaho Cleanup Project, which is charged with remediating legacy contamination at the site.