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Green River

January 1, 2009 - 12:00pm


US Department of Energy Groundwater Database
Groundwater Master Report

Installation Name, State: Green River
Responsible DOE Office: Office of Legacy Management
Plume Name: Green River
Remediation Contractor: Unknown
Report Last Updated: 2009



Halogenated VOCs/SVOCs Present?: No


Metal Name Metal Concentration (ppb) Regulatory Driver Cleanup Requirement
As 0.037 Yes 5
Se 0.39 Yes 5
U 0.1062 Yes 4.4


Fuel Present? No
Metals Present? Yes
Isotopes Present? No
Explosives Present? Yes
Other Contaminants? No
Tritium Present? No
Nitrates Present? Yes   Concentration:  260 (ppb)
Sulfates Present? Yes   Concentration:  7400 (ppb)
Regulatory Driver: Yes
Cleanup Requirement: 1000 (pCi/l)



Conduit Flow? Yes Depth (feet): 30
Mulitple Units Affected? Yes Avg Velocity (feet/year): 150


Plume Information

Source:   Area of Plume (acres): 48
Plume Status: No Response    


Remedial Approach


Groundwater Use / Exit Strategy

Potable? No Does an Exit Strategy Exist?  
Sole Source Aquifer?  No Basis for Exit Strategy: No Response


Environmental Indicators (EIs)

Groundwater Migration Under Control? Need More Info Current Human Exposure Acceptable? Yes
Confirmed by Lead Regulator?   Confirmed by Lead Regulator? No



Decision Document? Remedial Approach Proposed Lead Regulatory Agency: Federal
Date Approved:   Regulatory Driver: Other
Regulatory Position on Groundwater Use Same as Site?  



Alluvial groundwater and the uppermost aquifer were contaminated during uranium processing. A risk analysis indicated no unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. A proposed groundwater compliance action plan has been submitted by DOE to NRC and the state of Utah for concurrence. It recommends application of supplemental standards for the alluvial groundwater (not an aquifer due to low yield), and no remedial action for the uppermost aquifer and the use risk based alternate concentration limits for arsenic, nitrate, selenium, and uranium. The plume area was estimated in 2003.