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EM’s Tracy Mustin Welcomes Students to DOE Fellows Program

November 16, 2011 - 12:00pm


MIAMI –EM Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Tracy Mustin welcomed 11 new Florida International University (FIU) students to the DOE Fellows program at an induction ceremony in Miami today.

For 18 years EM has supported the program at the Applied Research Center at FIU as a way to create a pipeline of minority scientists and engineers to help span the science and engineering talent gap necessary to complete EM’s mission. At the ceremony, Mustin spoke of the complexity of the technical cleanup challenges and the need to develop transformational approaches and technologies to solve the world’s most unique and costly environmental problems.

She also urged the fellows not to neglect the “softer side” of their education and to seek opportunities to improve their communication, management and strategic analysis skills.

“The best ideas in the world may be little to no benefit if they can’t be clearly communicated to decision-makers,” she said. “Your ability to think through and manage your work will increase the likelihood that your great work will translate to real application.”

This program partners government, contractors and academia to mentor future minority scientists and engineers in the research, development, and deployment of new technologies addressing DOE’s environmental cleanup challenges. The program provides interested students with an opportunity to integrate course work, DOE field and applied research work. Read more about the program here.