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EM Lays Out Details of Proposed Reorganization

December 8, 2011 - 12:00pm


WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM Acting Assistant Secretary Dave Huizenga on Thursday announced a proposed reorganization that would move components of the Cold War cleanup under a matrix structure to better align the program and achieve mission success. This framework fosters collaborative decision making for shared goals and supports improvements across the program.

The creation of Mission Unit Offices will provide the field strategic planning, expertise, analysis, and technical support achieved through the integration and focus in specific program areas including site restoration, tank waste and nuclear material, and waste management. The newly-created Mission Units at headquarters would provide leadership while supporting and advocating for field staff to ensure continuous program improvement.

The Mission Support Offices will lead in EM’s corporate processes including financial and business management functions, innovative acquisition and project management strategies and assessments for accelerated cleanup, integrated safety management, safeguards and security, and human capital.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) Offices — Mission Support and Mission Units — will provide leadership within the EM headquarters organization and in support of the Field based on their specific functional responsibilities. In those areas where an office is the functional lead, it will be the primary contact to coordinate with the various EM headquarters elements to ensure consistent, seamless coordination, and resolution of issues. This will promote effective communication and execution at the right level throughout the EM organization.

EM leaders sought the proposed reorganization after looking at ways to best align headquarters and field offices to support the cleanup mission. Huizenga and EM Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Tracy Mustin engaged managers and staff at headquarters and field offices, who communicated the need for an increased headquarters focus on program areas to support the field and improved integration through a matrix structure.

The reorganization calls for the creation of an Associate Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary position to provide oversight of the Mission Units. Alice Williams, who was the manager of the Lawrence Livermore Site Office within the National Nuclear Security Administration since November 2008, will serve in that position. 

EM’s Field Office Managers will continue to report directly to Mustin, as well as the Mission Support Offices. 

EM expects to submit the proposed reorganization to DOE’s Chief Human Capital Officer for approval this month. Implementation of the reorganization is scheduled for the second quarter of FY 2012.

No layoffs would occur as a result of the reorganization.