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EM Launches Comprehensive Flickr Collection

August 9, 2012 - 12:00pm


A screenshot shows the EM Flickr Collection, which organizes more than 1,100 photos from around the EM complex.

A screenshot shows the EM Flickr Collection, which organizes more than 1,100 photos from around the EM complex.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM recently established an EM Flickr Collection, which organizes over 1,100 photos from around the EM complex. This collection is intended to be a resource for anyone in search of photographs of EM’s nuclear cleanup activities, from enormous demolition projects to intricate groundwater cleanup.

EM will continually update the compilation with new images. The Flickr photos are easy to view and download and use in their original, highest-quality size or other sizes. Search for photos by topic — such as demolition and disposal — or by an EM site — such as Savannah River Site or Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Here are instructions for accessing photos from the collection:

How do I find and download a photo from the collection?

Finding photos by site:

• Start at the EM Flickr Collection homepage.
• Click on a set for a given site, such as Idaho. A number of photo thumbnails will appear.
• Click on one of the photo thumbnails to select a desired photo, such as this one.

Finding photos using “tags”:

• Photos have been labeled with tags, which are like key words. All tags that have ever been used on DOE, including EM, photos are visible here.
• Think of a key word (tag), such as “aerial.” Clicking on the “aerial” tag will display all photos that have been tagged with aerial. You can then click a desired photo.
• Tags are also visible on each photo’s page and can be clicked on at any time to display all EM (and DOE) photos that share the same tag.

Finding photos using the Search function:

• The EM Flickr Collection is part of an overarching Flickr account. You can search all photos, including EM photos, here. This will search all photo titles and captions, not just tags, and is therefore a good way not to miss any photos.

Downloading a photo:

• Once you have found a photo you want to download, click on the word “Actions” above the photo and select “View all sizes.”
• Click on a size, such as “Original,” then click “Download the Original size of this photo.”
• You will be prompted to open or save the file as a .jpeg file.

What if I want to look through even more photos?

EM sites with Flickr accounts are being encouraged to join an EM Flickr “Group” visible here and to make their photos downloadable. It will soon be possible to find more site-specific photos by exploring the group.