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DOE Seeks Trucking Services for Transuranic Waste Shipments

March 30, 2011 - 12:00pm


Cincinnati -- The Department of Energy (DOE) today will issue a Request for Proposals for the
continuation of carrier services to transport transuranic waste (TRU) between DOE sites and the
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site, near Carlsbad, New Mexico.

The transportation of TRU waste is accomplished by contracted trucking carriers that ship the
waste via public highways on custom designed trailers. The contract will be an Indefinite
Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract using firm-fixed- price delivery task orders. The
estimated contract cost is $80-$100 million over a five-year contract period, consisting of a one
year base period and four one-year option periods. The annual cost is approximately $16-$20
million per year.

This procurement will replace two existing carrier contracts that will expire March 2012 and
September 2012, respectively. It is anticipated there will be two awards resulting from this

WIPP receives defense related contact-handled TRU (CH-TRU) and remote-handled (RH-TRU)
waste at the average rate of 20 to 35 shipments (approximately 20-30 CH-TRU waste shipments
and 5 RH-TRU waste shipments) per week. The TRU waste must be transported in Nuclear
Regulatory Commission approved, Type-B packaging. The truck drivers must meet and
maintain stringent safety and hazardous materials hauling qualifications.

Contractor proposals are requested by May 17, 2011.

Additional information on the Request for Proposals can be found at: