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Safety and Health Regulatory and Policy Response Line - General Information

What is the DOE Worker Safety and Health Standards Response Line?

The DOE Worker Safety and Health Standards Response Line, established in 1992, is a service that responds to questions DOE, DOE contractor, and DOE subcontractor personnel regarding DOE-adopted and -prescribed standards and directives. These responses may not represent official OSHA policies.

What are the objectives?

  1. Identify or clarify a standard or regulation applicable to a specific work situation.
  2. Provide information on recent changes in standards and directives.
  3. Identify any unique DOE requirements regarding particular health and/or safety issues.

May I ask anything?

Questions regarding clarification of worker safety and health requirements will be answered. Official interpretations of Federal Rule 10 CFR 835 "Occupational Radiation Protection" or Federal Rule 10 CFR 851 “Worker Safety and Health Program” cannot be provided by the Response Line. Such requests should be submitted in writing to DOEs Office of the General Counsel, Washington, DC 20585. Questions concerning technical clarification or applicability of 10 CFR 835 or 10 CFR 851 that are not considered requests for formal interpretations will be accepted by this line. Please exhaust your reference material and the previous DOE responses on the web before calling the Response Line. Employees with document requests, complaints, and emergency situations should not call the Line.

How and when will I receive an answer to my question?

Responses are generally simultaneously emailed to the caller and the callers Field Office contact. Upon request, they will be mailed. Precedented inquiries (response is in existing policy documentation) are generally answered in 7-10 working days. Unprecedented inquiries (response is not in existing policy documentation) may take as long as 4-8 weeks because of policy development and review.

How do I contact the Response Line?

The Response Line may be contacted by calling (800) 292-8061. Voice mail is operative 24 hours a day. You can also submit questions via the following link: Standards Response Line Question Form.