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FTCP Issue Papers

Document Number Subject Disposition
FTCP-12-003 Supplemental Competencies Approved by FTCP Chair, December 19, 2012
FTCP-12-001 Use of "Expert Level" in Qualification Path Forward Approved by vote at May 15, 2012 meeting; to delete all reference to expert-level knowledge requirements in FAQS
FTCP-10-003 Expert Competencies Pertaining to DOE Orders & Technical Standards Issue transitioned to FY 2011 FTCP Operational Plan Goal #2
FTCP-10-002 Expert-Level Knowledge Issue assigned to team lead by Debbie Monette to evaluate the expert competencies for possible re-classification. See FTCP-10-003.
FTCP-10-001 FCTP Safeguards and Security Advisor Issue transitioned to FY 2010 Operational Plan Goal #3
FTCP-09-003 Establishment of Record Keeping Requirements Approved by FTCP Chair, November 12, 2009
FTCP-09-002 Integration of Safety and Security Superseded by FTCP-10-001
FTCP-09-001 Safety System Oversight competencies and FAQS Options Approved by FTCP, August 25, 2009 Face to Face Meeting
FTCP-08-002 Technical Qualification Program Requalification Approved by FTCP Chair, November 12, 2009
FTCP-08-001 Methodology for Counting TQP Personnel and Qualifications Approved by FTCP, July 28, 2008 Conference Call