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FTCP Guiding Documents

Key FTCP Directives and Guidance

DOE Order 426.1 Chg 1, Federal Technical Capability
DOE Order 360.1C, Federal Employee Training
DOE Guide 226.1-2, Federal Line Management Oversight of Department of Energy Nuclear Facilities
FTCP Assessment Guidance and Criteria, 1998
FTCP and TQP Assessment CRADs, 2012 

Qualification Standards and Related Information

Functional Area Qualification Standards
  - FAQS Training Course Evaluation Guide
  - Review Process for Technical Standards
  - Technical Standards Program Procedures Video Tutorials
FAQS Qualification Cards
FAQS Gap Analysis Qualification Cards
FAQS Reference Guides
FAQS Job Task Analyses
  - Job Task Analyses Form
Qualifying Official Training Approaches
Sponsors & Recognized Experts for FAQS
Supplemental Competencies
Facility Representative Qualification Equivalencies
Senior Technical Safety Manager Status Report

TQP Administrative Forms

TQP Position Evaluation & Resource Management Questionnaire

TQP Accreditation

TQP Accreditation Objectives and Criteria
TQP Accreditation Schedule
Business Case for TQP Accreditation Incentives
TQP Accreditation Pros and Cons
TQP Accreditation Incentives - Memorandum from NNSA Administrator

NGS Committee Activity and Participating Personnel

Non-Government Standards Committee Activity and Participating Personnel

HR Information

Manager's Desk Reference on Human Capital Management Flexibilities

Designation Memorandums

January 6, 2012, Designation of FTCP Technical Standards Manager.
May 4, 2007, the Deputy Secretary memo designating Karen Boardman the FTCP Chairperson.