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Type A Accident Investigation Board Report on the July 1, 2008, of the Vehicle Fatality Accident-Western Area Power Marketing Administration

August 29, 2008

At approximately 1210 CDT, July 1, 2008, three Western Area Power Administration (Western) employees were traveling south on North Dakota gravel road 59th Avenue  NE, in two Western/General Services Administration (GSA) vehicles. Vehicle Two (V2) (GSA 2006 Ford F250 with flat bed; G63­1441D) was stopped at the stop sign at 59 th  Avenue NE and paved ND Highway 17—8 miles west of Cando, Towner County,  ND—waiting for a westbound semi­tractor trailer to clear the intersection when Vehicle One (V1) (GSA Dodge 2007 Durango SUV; G62­1339F) ran into the left rear end of V2. V1 came to rest facing west just north of ND Highway 17 at the intersection and  sustained total damage to the right front and side as well as induced damage to other  areas of the vehicle.