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Security Policy, CMPC Marking Resource

January 2015

Examples illustrate markings for matter that contains classified information.

A strong and cohesive information security program is integral to national security. The U.S. Government requires certain information to be maintained in confidence to protect our citizens, democratic institutions, and activities within the international security community.

Marking notifies holders of classified matter of the protection requirements for the information. Markings and designations serve two primary purposes:

  • Alert holders to the presence of classified information.
  • Warn holders of special access or safeguarding requirements.

This resource was developed to assist Federal and contractor employees by providing examples of acceptably marked classified matter. Although examples of current or historical markings may be included, this is not a comprehensive source for all possible marking of classified matter.

Nothing in this document is meant to establish, imply, or mandate requirements. These are reference examples only. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and national directives take precedence over the examples in this document if there are any discrepancies at any time