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HQFMSP Chapter 7, Surveys and Reviews

June 2014

2014 Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan - Chapter 7, Surveys and Reviews

This chapter covers the HQ Security Survey Program, which has two primary functions.  First, survey team members assist HQ program elements in establishing, maintaining, and deactivating their LAs, VTRs, and TLAs.  Second, the survey team conducts an annual assessment of how well security activities are being performed throughout HQ.  Problems they identify must be corrected to ensure that that HQ security interests are being properly protected.  This chapter is maintained by the HQ Security Survey Program Manager in HS-92.s'>  There are also controls over some foreign travel performed by DOE employees and contractors.  Controls and required actions are described in this chapter, which is maintained jointly by officials in HS-91, the HQ Office of Counterintelligence (IN-20), and the Office of International Travel and Exchange Visitor Program (MA-45).