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October 04, 2013

Senior Technical Safety Manager Functional Area Qualification Standard

The STSM FAQS establishes common functional area competency requirements for all DOE STSMs who provide assistance, direction, guidance, oversight, or evaluation of contractor technical activities that could impact the safe operation of DOE’s defense nuclear facilities. The technical FAQS has been developed as a tool to assist DOE Program and Field offices in the development and implementation of the TQP in their organizations. For ease of transportability of qualifications between DOE elements, Program and Field offices are expected to use these technical FAQS competencies without modification or additions. Needed additional office/site/facility specific technical competencies should be handled separately. Satisfactory and documented attainment of the competency requirements contained in this technical FAQS ensures that STSMs possess the minimum requisite competence to fulfill their functional area duties and responsibilities common to the DOE Complex. Additionally, Office/facility-specific qualification standards supplement this technical FAQS and establish unique operational competency requirements at the Headquarters or Field element, site, or facility level.