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December 11, 2003

DOE Handbook Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook

The 4th edition of the Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook succeeds three previous editions: ERDA 76-21, Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook (1976); ORNL/NSIC-65, Design, Construction and Testing of High-Efficiency Air Filtration Systems for Nuclear Applications (1970); and NSIC-13, Filters, Sorbents, and Air Cleaning Systems as Engineered Safeguards in Nuclear Installations (1966). It benefits from over 25 years of industry experience since the previous edition was published.

This revision updates the information provided in ERDA 76-21 and incorporates current thinking as provided by manufacturers, subject matter experts from the DOE complex and members of the ASME Committee on Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment (ASME AG-1 Committee). Chapters have been added on History, Fire Protection, and Occupational Safety and Health.