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Crosswalk Tables for DOE Orders, Technical Standards, and CFR/DEAR

Annual Agency Report to the Office of Management and Budget

Crosswalk Tables for DOE Orders, Technical Standards, and CFR/DEAR

Attached below are "Crosswalk" Tables providing lists of certain DOE Technical Standards and Orders, and providing lists of corresponding orders, standards, and CFR/DEAR references. The Tables provide (1) lists of key DOE Orders and corresponding lists of DOE Technical Standards derived from references and searches, with affiliated CFR/DEAR references; and (2) lists of DOE Technical Standards and their corresponding or related Orders.

The Tables were developed by Defense Programs, and are provided for interim use. The Tables, while providing extensive crossreference to associated documents, do not establish the relative importance or relationship of those documents. Some relationships may be direct and important, some indirect and useful, and some of moderate or marginal use. In some cases, standards are generally applicable to many orders, and in a few instances, some standards address a technical issue, not an order.

For instance, some standards referenced for DOE O 5480.19, "Conduct of Operations ..." deal directly with "COO" matters, and are directly related and directly pertinent to the Order (e.g., the 1030 series). Another group is useful in part (e.g., design), while some address matters only peripherally related (e.g., Table Top Training, Writer's Guides, Qualification Standards).

Sorting and verification has not yet been done among the listed standards and various crossreferences, however, in many cases, the number of related standards/Orders is not large, so the task is not daunting! The major benefit is that crossreferences that might not be cited or referenced in the principal Order or Technical Standard are consolidated with cited references in one place. One goal of this exercise is for each Order to eventually list all associated Technical Standards, and for all Technical Standards to reference related Orders, and to have "hotlinks" tying them together.

Here are the Tables for your use. If you have suggestions for improvement, please contact Kathy Knight or (301) 903-4439 or Jeff Feit or (301) 903-0471.