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Water Power Technologies Office

  • Wave Energy Prize Winners Announced

    Four teams surpassed the difficult threshold of doubling the energy captured from ocean waves with their wave energy converter technologies. See who won the $2.25 million in cash prizes!

  • Direct Current: From Water to Wattage Podcast

    Hydropower is America's oldest and largest source of clean, renewable energy. But can it grow to meet our changing needs? Follow our hosts on a journey from hydropower's origins to the new wave of technologies that could shape its future.

  • Amped Up for Water

    The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy recently released an all-water issue of its publication, Amped Up. Learn about the research, development, and deployment initiatives that the Energy Department is backing to fully harness the potential of our oceans and rivers.

  • Hydropower Vision: A New Chapter for America’s 1st Renewable Electricity Source

    Through the Hydropower Vision, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Technologies Office has led a first-of-its-kind comprehensive analysis to evaluate future pathways for low-carbon, renewable hydropower, focused on continued technical evolution, increased energy market value, and environmental sustainability.