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Vehicle Technologies Office: Plans, Implementation and Results

The Vehicle Technologies Office releases a variety of reports and publications to describe the results of its research and development, summarize data collected, and educate the public about advanced and alternative fuel vehicle technologies.

  • Annual Merit Review Report: Summarizes the results of the Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation, where advanced vehicle technologies projects funded by VTO are presented and reviewed for their merit.
  • Annual Research and Development Reports: Describes the research results and accomplishments for that year in each of the six subprogram areas.
  • Plans and Roadmaps: Describes approaches that VTO will take towards research and development in the coming years.
  • Vehicle Technologies Market Report: Details the major trends in vehicles, including the U.S. light-duty car and medium/heavy-duty truck markets.
  • Transportation Energy Data Book: Compiles data on transportation, including light and heavy-duty vehicles, vehicle fleets, and consumer behavior.
  • Clean Cities Annual Metrics Report: Summarizes the accomplishments of VTO’s Clean Cities deployment program, which supports the use of alternative fuel vehicles and other petroleum reduction strategies.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Publications: Lists publications by VTO and other sources about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles on VTO's Alternative Fuels Data Center

The database of the Plans, Implementation and Results documents is still in transition and is currently hosted on the Vehicle Technologies Office's previous website.