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Panel Discussion: The SunShot Initiative: The Future is Bright

May 20, 2014 1:30PM to 2:30PM PDT

Pacific Ballroom

The future of solar energy can be bright. Solar energy is growing quickly; in certain parts of the U.S., solar is on the precipice of becoming a mainstream generation source . As solar power’s costs fall, and as solar begins to reach grid parity in a few states, the industry is shifting its focus to opening new markets and to further cutting costs. But there are significant challenges to scaling up solar, and major disagreements have broken out as solar power expands. What are the challenges and disagreements? How are they playing out? How might they be resolved? With progress underway toward the 2020 SunShot affordability goal, this panel of experts will discuss solar’s opportunities and challenges, across the U.S and beyond.

Panel Speakers:
  • Moderator Jeffrey Ball, Scholar-in-Residence, Stanford University
  • Craig Cornelius, Senior Vice President of Business Development, NRG Solar
  • Joseph Desmond, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Government Affairs, BrightSource
  • Linda Fisher, Vice President and Chief Sustainment Officer, DuPont Safety, Health & Environment
  • Kris Mayes, Professor, Arizona State University
  • Timothy Alan Simon, Esq., Consultant, Former California Public Utility Commissioner