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Solid-State Lighting Funding Opportunities

DOE financial opportunities for solid-state lighting (SSL) include competitive solicitations, grants, and other federal funding mechanisms to advance innovative, energy-saving SSL technologies.


The DOE SSL program supports research and development of promising SSL technologies through annual competitive solicitations that cover three areas:

  • Core Technology Research, focusing on applied research for technology development, with particular emphasis on meeting efficiency, performance, and cost targets. This research fills technology gaps to overcome technical barriers.
  • Product Development, using the knowledge gained from basic or applied research to develop or improve commercially viable materials, devices, or systems.
  • Manufacturing Support, aimed at accelerating SSL technology adoption and encouraging a role for U.S.-based production through manufacturing improvements that reduce costs and enhance product quality.

Together, these three efforts target making SSL competitive with conventional lighting technologies on a first-cost basis and creating a U.S.-led market for high-efficiency light sources. For more detailed descriptions of the R&D pathways, see Definitions of SSL R&D Pathways.

R&D partners and projects are selected based on factors such as energy savings potential, likelihood of success, and alignment with the DOE SSL R&D Plan.


November 28, 2016
DE-FOA-0001619 SBIR/STTR Phase I, Release 2—FY 2017
The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science published a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) on November 28, 2016, for the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs. Under this funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001619), DOE seeks applicants for grants directed toward FY17 Phase I, Release 2 projects. Topics include LED and OLED lighting (see topic 10b).

October 12, 2016
DE-FOA-0001613 Solid-State Lighting Advanced Technology R&D—2017
The U.S. Department of Energy announced a solid-state lighting R&D funding opportunity on October 12, 2016. Under this funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001613, “Solid-State Lighting Advanced Technology R&D—2017”), a total of up to $10 million in funding is directed toward all three existing DOE SSL R&D program areas: Core Technology Research, Product Development, and U.S. Manufacturing. 


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