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Energy Action Month

October marks Energy Action Month. This year, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is offering campaign materials that promote energy- and water-conservation practices throughout the Federal government. Recognizing the important role the Federal government will play as the nation shifts toward more clean energy, Federal employees have the power to make the transition to clean energy a reality, while also meeting critical agency mission goals. For example, your agency's mission may align with:

  • Improving national security
  • Building more reliable, sustainable facility infrastructure
  • Providing comfortable, healthier interior environments
  • Constructing attractive outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain
  • Developing strong public and private partnerships
  • Educating agency staff and the general public about the environment.

Each of these goals can be achieved when innovative energy- and water-efficiency programs and projects, including the development of renewable energy resources, are considered as part of an agency’s overall energy management plan. Making clean energy a reality means greater energy security, less carbon pollution, and more agency dollars saved.

For inspiration on how your agency can save energy and water that can help you meet critical agency mission goals, see Federal Energy and Water Management Awards to read about model Federal projects.

During Energy Action Month and throughout the year, FEMP recommends the use of these resources to raise awareness of energy- and water-saving possibilities and support your agency's mission.

For more information, contact your Energy Action Month agency coordinator.