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Advanced Technology Planning for Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Legislation emphasizes the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in federal agencies. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) assists agencies in identifying and planning opportunities to deploy advanced technologies using energy savings performance contracts (ESPC).

A federal project executive (FPE) will work with a project facilitator and a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory team to identify the economic feasibility of combined heat and power, renewable energy, and advanced technologies that can be considered as energy conservation measures (ECMs) in an ESPC.

To receive planning assistance, agencies need to complete the renewable energy screening form. The data provided in this file will be used by the national laboratory team to screen for the economic feasibility of renewable energy and energy-efficiency ECMs at the agency site. Screening results are usually available within three to four weeks of receiving data. An FPE will report the results to the agency in advance of the project kickoff meeting for review and consideration.

Contact an FPE to get started on an ESPC project.