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Bill Valdez - Director of Workforce Management

Mr. Valdez is the Director of Workforce Management in EERE.

Mr. Valdez's career with the Department of Energy spans over 20 years, providing him with extensive knowledge in the areas of R&D portfolio analysis, small business development, STEM workforce development, budget planning, diversity and equal opportunity issues, science and technology policy, human capital planning, processes and policies, procurement processes and policies, corporate and strategic planning, and contract management.  In his current position, Mr. Valdez plays a key role in setting overall strategic direction for EERE's corporate business processes.

Previously, Mr. Valdez held the positions of Acting Director, DOE Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, and Director of Planning and Analysis, and Associate Director for Workforce Development within DOE’s Office of Science.  In addition, Mr. Valdez has been the co-chair of the National Science and Technology Council’s Science of Science Policy Interagency Working Group since 2005.

Mr. Valdez was awarded the Presidential Rank Award (meritorious) in 2007, was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2006, and is currently a Board Member of the Senior Executive Association’s Board of Directors. He also is an adjunct faculty at American University’s Key Leadership Program and teaches “Goal Setting, Monitoring and Evaluation”.

Prior to working at DOE, Mr. Valdez worked as a Senior Project Manager in private industry where he provided strategic planning services to Asian and European multinational corporations.

Mr. Valdez received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas and his Master of Arts in International Economics and Energy Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.