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Take Action to Develop New Energy Efficient Technologies

In the development of new technologies, the U.S. Department of Energy offer researchers, reviewers, and other interested parties opportunities to apply for funding, serve as reviewers, and participate in stakeholder meetings.

Apply for Funding

Industry and university researchers are invited to apply for funding through one of our funding opportunity announcements (FOAs), posted on the EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange. The overall objective of the Emerging Technologies team is to achieve the following goals by 2030:

  • Lighting: aggregated 70% primary energy savings
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC): aggregated 20% primary energy savings
  • Building Envelope: aggregated 20% primary energy savings
  • Water Heating: aggregated 60% primary energy savings
  • Appliances: aggregated 20% primary energy savings
  • Sensors and Controls: aggregated whole-building primary energy savings of 50%
  • Building Energy Modeling Tools: to be used by at least 70% of building designers.

Individual FOAs are usually targeted toward one or more of these technology areas.

Serve as a Reviewer

The Emerging Technologies team is often in need of reviewers to evaluate FOA submissions, Small Business Innovative Research submissions, or occasionally other documents. Stakeholders can sign up for email updates, including funding announcements and reviewer recruitment.

Participate in Stakeholder Meetings

In addition, researchers are encouraged to participate in our periodic technology stakeholder meetings, organized by individual programs within the Emerging Technologies team. These stakeholder meetings provide valuable input for developing and updating technology roadmaps that help guide future research, such as those in the Solid-State Lighting Program and in the Windows and Envelope Program.