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Software Developers

Because SEED will provide a common, open-source data framework, software developers will be able to write applications that access the data in a consistent way (with proper permissions), or build functionalities onto the SEED platform in a replicable way.

The aim of the SEED program is NOT to build analytical tools, but rather to provide a plug-in architecture so that analysis and visualization tools can be added in a modular manner by third-parties, as well as an Application Programming Interface (API) so that external software tools can have read-write access to the data. Third parties can then add to the SEED open-source code base or develop proprietary add-on tools to conduct analyses and visualization of the data, which can then be offered to all SEED users. SEED is a web-based application written in python using the Django web framework. The system initially supports Postgres as the relational database back-end.

Currently SEED V1.0 is being offered to end-users as a hosted service by the U.S. Department of Energy free of charge, but starting in a few months, users will need to download a copy of the software and arrange to install it in the cloud, on their own servers, or using third party hosts. This presents an opportunity for software service providers interested in hosting the SEED platform.

Interested developers can download the SEED source code, or contribute to it at our Github Site, which is coming soon.

If you are interested in being part of the SEED software community, sign up here.

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