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July 11 Public Meeting: Physical Characterization of Grid-Connected Commercial And Residential Building End-Use Equipment And Appliances

The documents below are the agenda for the public meeting on the Physical Characterization of Grid-Connected Commercial and Residential Buildings End-Use Equipment and Appliances, summary notes from the meeting, and the three slide decks presented.   The first presentation is the welcome presentation by Roland Risser, the director of the Building Technologies Office. The second presentation includes all the presentations related to the draft physical characteristics framework: Scope and Intent (Joe Hagerman, DOE); Terminology and Definitions; Characterization Protocol Framework; Illustrative Example: Room Air Conditioner (RAC); Process for Developing Characterization Protocols; Overview of Questions for Public Comment; and, Next Steps.  The third presentation by Kevin Lynn, DOE/EERE, describes the Physical Characterization Capabilities at the Energy Systems Integration Facility.