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Home Energy Score Publications

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored a variety of research and analyses to guide development of the Home Energy Score. DOE also considered research on homeowner motivation, labeling programs, and other related topics. Below are links to some of these documents as well as other useful information.

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Development of 3D Simulation Training and Testing for Home Energy Score Assessor Candidates Summary Report
Prepared by and Interplay Learning
This report summarizes findings from research, analysis, and pilot testing conducted with Assessor candidates across the nation and supports DOE’s new qualification requirements for Assessors.

Be a Smart and Engaged Homeowner
Prepared by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
This report summarizes what you need to know when considering home energy improvements.

Motivating Home Energy Improvements
Prepared by Newport Partners, LLC
This report summarizes findings from 12 focus groups conducted in summer 2010 concerning home energy labeling.

Review of Select Home Energy Auditing Tools
Prepared by SENTECH, Part of SRA International
This report compares a variety of home energy audit software and delineates each tool's major features.

Overview of Existing Home Energy Labels
Prepared by Navigant Consulting
This analysis looks at home energy labeling programs around the world and highlights similarities and differences of various approaches.

Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvements
Prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
This report examines what methods work best in motivating homeowners to undertake energy upgrades.

Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades
Prepared by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
DOE, in collaboration with other federal agencies and industry experts, developed the Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades, which are designed to foster the growth of a high-quality home energy retrofit industry and a skilled, credentialed workforce. The guidelines can be adopted by retrofit programs nationwide seeking to increase the effectiveness of the work performed and utilized by training providers to improve course curriculum and training materials. The Workforce Guidelines include four interrelated components: job task analyses; essential knowledge, skills and attitudes; technical standards reference guide, and standard work specifications.

PowerSaver Fact Sheet
Prepared by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
PowerSaver is a new insurance program from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to enable homeowners to make cost effective, energy saving improvements to their homes. The Home Energy Score is not being used to inform the issuance of PowerSaver energy upgrade loans.