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Feature Story

Oscars of Residential Buildings Awarded at EEBA

By Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect, Building Technologies Office

Each year, it only gets better. Better homes, better implementation of sound building science. Both lead to better homeowner experiences.

To recognize the builders who have taken these ideals to heart and implemented them, we awarded six grand Housing Innovation Awards during the EEBA Excellence in Building Conference and Expo, Sept. 27-29, 2016. These grand winners represent housing leaders who cover the wide spectrum of affordable, multifamily, production, and custom homes. In total, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized 39 winners in five categories.

The DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) program is helping builders to save homeowners ~$350 billion in utility bills, add ~120,000 persistent new jobs that cannot be outsourced, and reduce carbon emissions by ~3 million metric tons.

Check out an upcoming blog on the EERE website. For more information on DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home program or to read more about all of our winners, visit the DOE website or see them on our Tour of Zero website.

Congratulations to all of our well-deserving winners this year!

Building America Webinars: Stump the Science Chumps

Starting in November, this new webinar series from the DOE Building America Program challenges professionals in the residential construction industry to ask building science questions that stump the building science experts! We want to know what problems are most vexing to you and your teams. It's our program goal to help provide solutions – or develop them where they don't already exist.

Submit your questions to, and we will feature the best questions during a webinar with our experts, where they will answer your questions, and provide resources to help you solve the toughest building science challenges.

Your questions should be clear and concise, and should focus on challenges related to the building science of achieving high levels of energy performance in new and/or existing homes.