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Combined Heat and Power System Enables 100% Reliability at Leading Medical Campus - Case Study, 2013

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO), in collaboration with Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc., operates the largest chilled water district energy system in the United States at the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world. TECO installed a new high-efficiency natural gas-fired CHP system capable of producing 48 MW of on-site generation and 330,000 pph of steam, a 75,000 ton-hour (8.8 million gallon) thermal energy storage tank, and an additional 32,000 tons of chilled water capacity. The CHP system can operate as a baseload system to serve 100% of the TECO plant peak electrical load and 100% of TECO customers' peak process and space heating loads. The system also enables the entire TECO plant to continue operations and provide uninterrupted energy services to TECO customers in the event of a prolonged grid outage.