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Better Plants

Better Plants Program logo144 Better Buildings, Better Plants Program Partners are demonstrating their commitment to energy savings by signing a voluntary pledge to reduce energy intensity by 25% over ten years. Partners are implementing cost-effective energy efficiency improvements that save money, create jobs, promote energy security, and strengthen the competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing sector. Collectively, these companies are showing that good energy management practices are good for business, good for the economy, and good for the environment.



 List of Program Partners

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Any company in the U.S. manufacturing sector can become a Program Partner, regardless of size or level of energy management expertise. Partners set ambitious energy efficiency goals and champion continuous improvement in energy management throughout their companies.

Companies joining the Better Plants Program:

Number 1 Sign a voluntary pledge to reduce energy intensity by 25% over ten years corporate wide

Number 2 Develop an energy use baseline and track the change in energy intensity

Number 3 Designate a corporate energy manager and have an up-to-date energy management plan for internal use within one year

Number 4 Report energy data, number of plants involved, and progress each year.


Benefits companies receive by participating in the Better Plants Program include national recognition and technical support from DOE.

National Recognition

Program Partners receive national recognition when they sign the pledge and achieve progress toward energy intensity targets, including:

  • Welcome letter from DOE and feature on DOE website

  • Congratulatory letter from DOE after achieving an annual improvement rate equal to or better than 2.5%

  • Letter and plaque from DOE upon achieving 10-year target.

Promotional materials including program logo are available to publicize participation, both internally and externally.

Technical Support

By partnering with DOE, Program Partners can:

  • Access a technical account manager

    • Receive help in establishing and analyzing key energy use data and metrics for the development of baselines and energy management plans

    • Obtain support in identifying emerging, energy-efficient technologies applicable to plant operations

    • Apply for in-plant trainings on how to identify, prioritize, implement, and replicate energy saving projects.

  • Participate in training on financing options, advanced technology, energy analysis software, energy management, and other topics

  • Use proven energy analysis software tools and other technical resources from DOE, states, utilities and other partner organizations.

In-Plant Trainings

In-Plant Training Sessions are offered to companies participating in either the Better Plants Program or Challenge. A company may host an on-site, three-day training session in one of their facilities. The training includes an assessment of common energy systems such as steam, process heating, or motor-driven systems. Personnel from other facilities within the company, as well as from other companies in the area and suppliers, may be invited to attend. Participants learn the process used to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and review the results of the assessment. Better Plants Partners may contact their Technical Account Managers for more information.