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Training: Motor Systems

April 16, 2014 - 6:33pm


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Motor Systems Management – 1-day workshop

Availability: Onsite instructor-led

This one-day workshop helps facility personnel-maintenance staff, plant managers, and plant engineers gain an understanding of electric motor systems management and skills to help them manage motor systems for reduced energy cost and increased reliability. The session covers technical and policy/procedure topics related to management of motor systems. This includes evaluation and selection of the optimum motor for each application; motor tracking inventory and maintenance actions; and development/use of guidelines or specifications for motor repair and rewind. Electric power system and management of power transmission and driven loads are also covered in relation to motor operation and use.

This session also identifies resources, such as organizations, standards, guidebooks, and technical assistance providers that can help plant personnel establish and manage industrial motor systems. In addition, the workshop provides an overview of DOE's MotorMaster+ software and a demonstration of the tool's basic functions and applications.

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