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Training: Fan Systems

April 16, 2014 - 6:33pm


Learn about the diverse training sessions offered. The courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who have met rigorous standards. View additional fan system resources.

Fan System Assessment Tool – 2-hour webcast

Availability: Online webcast

Now, in addition to full-day training sessions, AMO offers a convenient, introductory, two-hour webcast on the use of the DOE's Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT). This session introduces the tool and presents the basics—and the benefits—of using it to target opportunities for energy savings in your plant.

Fan System Assessment – 1-day workshop

Availability: Onsite instructor-led and online

Optimizing industrial fan systems can take on many forms, but any fan optimization project must meet the needs of the process. This self-paced workshop highlights the benefits of fan system optimization and examines fan system performance characteristics and practical issues concerning measurement data. The session introduces the FSAT software. This powerful analysis software helps you quantify the potential benefits of configuring fan systems for optimal performance, calculate the amount of energy use by your fan system, and estimate fan system efficiency. Learn how the software works, what data is required for FSAT, and how to interpret assessment results.

In addition, this workshop includes discussion to help you:

  • Calculate the cost of operating fans in your facility
  • Understand the interaction between the fan curve and the system curve
  • Analyze the optimization potential of fan systems
  • Create an action plan to improve fan system efficiency and reliability in your plant.

If you are interested in attending an instructor-led workshop, see the Training Calendar for upcoming sessions in your area. Visit the National Training & Education Resource if you are interested in taking an online self-paced workshop. New users are required to create an account to access trainings.

Become a Qualified Fan Systems Specialist – 2½-day workshop

Availability: Onsite instructor-led

DOE has an additional level of training for industry professionals interested in becoming Qualified Fan System Specialists. By successfully completing this advanced training you will be recognized by DOE as a Qualified Specialist in the use of FSAT. As a Qualified Specialist, you can then apply the tool to help your plant or industrial customers identify ways to improve fan system efficiency.

Fan system professionals and energy consultants are invited to enroll in a two and a half-day intensive training session designed to help them become competent in using FSAT software to analyze industrial fan system optimization potential. Participants who pass a rigorous qualifying exam will be designated Qualified FSAT Specialists and their names and contact information will be posted on this website.

The FSAT software helps users do the following:

  1. Calculate how much energy a fan system is using
  2. Determine how efficiently a system is operating
  3. Quantify savings from upgrading a system.

The process of upgrading the efficiency and effectiveness of plant fan systems is called optimization. Optimization of fan systems can take many forms, but any fan optimization project must meet the needs of the process and ensure the safety of plant staff.

During the class, participants will:

  • Review the Fan System Optimization Checklist
  • Review the appropriate use of instruments in taking fan system measurements
  • Discuss what measurements need to be taken
  • Develop a measurement plan
  • Review how FSAT handles temperature and density
  • Describe how to manage FSAT files when a result has been generated
  • Work around limitations of FSAT when modeling fan systems
  • Demonstrate their competence to use FSAT to prequalify good potential fan system optimization opportunities
  • Describe how to measure fan system performance, and where to place measurement planes
  • Analyze field data from a fan performance test.

Participants will be expected to have mastered the content either through successful completion of the Fan System Assessment training or through professional work experience.

They will also need to have a working knowledge of FSAT features, fan system characteristics (i.e., selection, control), fan affinity laws, field performance testing techniques and fan system optimization strategies, based on hands-on experience and independent study. Upon registration, participants will be sent a detailed reference list and sample problems covering the prerequisite content.

To learn more about the Qualified FSAT Specialist training, please contact the Training Coordinator. See the Training Calendar for upcoming sessions in your area.

Locate a DOE-trained Qualified Specialist in your area to help optimize industrial plant efficiency for fan systems.

Course Instructors

The courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who have met rigorous standards.

Name Email Phone Location
Brooks, Joe 847-394-0150 IL
Hunter, Bill 206-860-4930 WA
Wroblewski, Ron 608-232-1861 WI