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EERE Technology-to-Market Team

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's (EERE's) Technology-to-Market program supports a variety of programs, initiatives, and competitions that address the technological and financial barriers to bring new innovative technologies to market. The Technology-to-Market program works with businesses, entrepreneurs, universities, local governments, national laboratories, and nonprofit organizations around the country to strengthen public-private technology partnerships, accelerate the movement of new technologies into the marketplace, and train tomorrow’s energy workforce.

The Technology-to-Market program currently encompasses:

  • Opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, collegiate entrepreneurs, and  small businesses to develop and commercialize new ideas and innovative research
  • Efforts focused on finding ways to more easily move national laboratory innovations to the market
  • Initiatives and programs that help transition energy systems, increase participation in clean energy, and close the gap in early-stage training.

Visit the Technology-to-Market website to learn more.