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EERE Office of Strategic Programs

The Office of Strategic Programs increases the impact of EERE's clean energy mission using a unique, portfolio-wide perspective, stategic engagement and innovative and integrative programs. We do this through guiding and supporting cross-cutting legislative, communications, international, analytical, stakeholder engagement, workforce, and multi-technology-to-market activities including the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI) and National Laboratory Impact Initiative.

Why it Matters

Our activities facilitate the success of EERE programs and offices and support EERE's strategic development and implementation through six cross-cutting areas, as well as key initiatives such as CEMI, National Lab Impact Initiative and the White House Open Data Initiative, Lab-to-Market Initiative, and the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, which accelerate the understanding and adoption of clean energy technologies:

  • Strategic Priorities and Impact Analysis Team – Provides consistent, objective, and credible analyses for EERE's activities—from market to impacts analyses—as well as an understanding of the effect of various policies on EERE's core mission.
  • Technology-to-Market Program – Identifies and develops strategies to overcome key barriers to the development and success of commercial enterprises built around EERE's technologies and initiatives. Each initiative plays an important role as a technology moves from being an idea to being commonly used in daily life.
  • International Team – Advances the progress of EERE's domestic programs and accelerates global deployment of U.S. clean energy products and services through international collaboration.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Team – Promotes coordination and interaction between EERE and key external stakeholders, through using direct dialogue among EERE to create and coordinate opportunities to advance EERE's core mission.
  • Communications Team – Leads strategic communications and outreach activities for EERE through a robust online, traditional and social media, and informational materials portfolio to raise consumer awareness about energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and provide information that helps consumers reduce energy use, demand, and costs.
  • Legislative Affairs Team – Works in close coordination with the Department's Office of Congressional Affairs, Chief Financial Officer, and EERE's Budget Office to serve as the primary liaison between EERE's technology offices and congressional authorizing and other offices, as well as providing corporate guidance on congressional interactions.
  • National Laboratory Impact Initiative  – Together, EERE and the national laboratory enterprise develops and implements a coordinated strategy of uniform policies and programs aimed at enhancing and accelerating the industrial impact of our national laboratory infrastructure.

See the FY 2017 Budget Request for Strategic Programs.