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EERE Leadership

This page features biographies for the members of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) management. For more information, see the EERE organization chart.

Executive Leadership

David Friedman
Assistant Secretary (Acting)

David Friedman leads EERE's energy portfolio, helping hasten the transition to a clean energy economy. He oversees six major technology and strategic areas, including Energy Efficiency, Renewable Power, Sustainable Transportation, Strategic Programs, Financial Management, and Business Operations offices. He represents EERE before national, state, and local audiences to reinforce EERE's mission and to leverage partnerships to transform the nation's economic engine to one powered by clean energy.

David Friedman
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

David Friedman helps lead the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). As Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, he helps manage day-to-day operations and oversee a broad technology portfolio designed to accelerate development and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Steven Chalk
Deputy Assistant Secretary for 
Operations and Strategic Innovation
Steve Chalk directs EERE's business operations, including finance and budget, IT, project management, strategic programs, and workforce management. In addition, he also oversees the Golden Field Office in Golden, Colorado and leads strategic initiatives to improve the way EERE conducts its daily operations.

Roland Risser
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Power (Acting)

Roland Risser directs EERE's renewable energy applied research, development, and demonstration activities for the geothermal, solar energy, and wind and water power technology offices. In addition, he oversees EERE's laboratory engagement and energy system integration efforts.

Reuben Sarkar
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation

Reuben Sarkar oversees EERE's Sustainable Transportation area, which includes the Vehicle, Fuel Cell, and Bioenergy Technologies offices. Their focus is to reduce our oil dependence, avoid pollution, and create jobs by designing and manufacturing petroleum alternatives and more energy efficient cars and trucks.

Kathleen Hogan
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency

Dr. Kathleen Hogan is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency in the Office of EERE. In this capacity, she oversees a more than $600 million annual energy efficiency policy, program, and research portfolio, including advanced manufacturing, buildings, federal energy management, low income weatherization, and intergovernmental partnerships.

Janine Benner
Associate Assistant Secretary

Janine Benner works with Acting Assistant Secretary David Friedman to formulate and manage EERE's technology research and development programs. She leads corporate strategy, corporate planning, and policy and executive level management of EERE's priority efforts.  

Michael Budney
Director of Business Operations

Michael Budney manages EERE's daily operations. In that role, he oversees the Workforce Management, the Project Management Coordination and Information Technology Services offices to ensure their efforts are aligned, effective, and responsive to the organization's needs.

Robert Dixon
Strategic Programs Director

In directing Strategic Programs within the Office of EERE, Dr. Robert K. Dixon oversees strategic communications, legislative affairs, international activities, stakeholder engagement, and policy and analysis functions, as well as special activities such as Technology-to-Market, the Laboratory Impact Initiative, and the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative.

Matthew Nelson
Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Matthew Nelson supports EERE's Assistant Secretary in carrying out the organization's vision and mission, as well as managing EERE day-to-day operations.

Kristin Kingsley
Senior Advisor

As a Senior Advisor to the Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Kristin Kingsley supports the organization's people and programs in advancing the mission of transitioning the nation to a clean energy economy.

Technology Sector Leaders

Sustainable Transportation

Christy Cooper
Vehicle Technologies Office Director (Acting)

Christy Cooper leads an array of activities that help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and secure a clean energy future. The Vehicle Technologies Office supports about $300 million in annual research funding for hybrid drivetrains, advanced batteries, lightweight materials, advanced combustion and fuels, vehicle systems integration, and Clean Cities deployment activities.

Sunita Satyapal
Fuel Cell Technologies Office 
Sunita Satyapal is responsible for the Office's overall strategy and execution, including oversight and coordination of about $100 million in research, development, demonstration, and deployment activities related to hydrogen and fuel cells.

Jonathan Male
Bioenergy Technologies Office 
Jonathan Male leads the Office's overall strategic, technical, and project oversight of efforts to improve performance, lower costs, and accelerate market entry of advanced biofuels and bioproducts, which can help reduce America's imports of oil while enabling a new industry with an improved environmental impact. The Bioenergy Technology Office supports about $200 million in annual research funding in research, development, and demonstration activities through public-private partnerships across the entire bioenergy and bioproducts supply chain.

Renewable Electricity Generation/Renewable Power

Lauren Boyd
Geothermal Technologies Office Director (Acting)

Lauren Boyd leads the Office's overall strategic, technical, and project oversight of cutting-edge technologies designed to advance geothermal as a key contributor to the U.S. energy portfolio. She partners with industry, academia, and DOE's national laboratories to establish geothermal energy as an economically competitive and widely available component of the U.S. energy supply.

Becca Jones-Albertus
Solar Energy Technologies Office Director (Acting)

Becca Jones-Albertus leads a team that is responsible for driving research, manufacturing, and market solutions to make solar energy cost-competitive with other forms of energy by the end of the decade.

Jose Zayas
Wind and Water Power Technologies Office Director

Jose Zayas manages efforts to improve performance, lower costs, and accelerate deployment of wind and water power technologies, which can play a significant role in America's clean energy future.

Energy Efficient Homes, Buildings, and Manufacturing

David Nemtzow
Building Technologies Office Director (Acting)

David Nemtzow leads the Building Technologies Office to create a self-sustaining market for building energy efficiency, including advancing technologies, promoting highly efficient buildings and homes, and accelerating the adoption of building codes and equipment standards. 

Timothy Unruh
Federal Energy Management Program Office Director

Tim Unruh oversees the implementation of policy and actions that result in energy efficiency implementation, renewable energy adoption, and reduction in energy and water use in federal government operations.

Mark Johnson
Advanced Manufacturing Office Director

Mark Johnson is the Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Office, which focuses on creating a fertile innovation environment for advanced manufacturing, enabling vigorous domestic development of new energy-efficient manufacturing processes and materials technologies to reduce the energy intensity and life-cycle energy consumption of manufactured products.

Anna Garcia
Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office Director

Anna Garcia provides leadership to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy through technology deployment, accessing new partnerships and resources, and communications and outreach activities.

Strategic Program Leaders

Karla Olsen
Communications Director

Karla Olsen leads EERE's corporate communications team in managing EERE's web enterprise, traditional and social media presence, executive and internal communications activities, public awareness activities, inquiries and correspondence, and other related efforts.

Robert Sandoli
International Director

Rob Sandoli manages EERE bilateral and multilateral partnerships and projects, develops new international collaborations, and coordinates international efforts with other DOE offices, federal agencies, and international organizations.

Kyle Winslow
Legislative Affairs Director (Acting)

Kyle Winslow partners with DOE's Office of Congressional Affairs, the Chief Financial Officer, and the budget office to serve as the primary liaison between EERE technology offices and congressional authorizing committees. His office also provides corporate guidance on congressional interaction and strategic advice on legislation relevant to EERE.

Victor Kane
National Laboratory Impact Initiative Director (Acting)

Victor leads EERE's Lab Impact Initiative, focusing on the development and implementation of uniform policies and programs to accelerate the commercial impact of the Department of Energy's national laboratories.

Karla Olsen
Stakeholder Engagement Director (Acting)

Karla Olsen is the Acting Director of Stakeholder Engagement, promoting EERE's coordination and interaction with key external stakeholders to create opportunities to advance EERE's mission.

Johanna Wolfson
Technology-to-Market Director

Johanna Wolfson directs EERE's Technology-to-Market Program to address challenges in moving new energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies into the marketplace.

Eli Levine
Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative Director (Acting)

Eli Levine leads the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative, an effort to strengthen U.S. clean energy manufacturing competitiveness by engaging with strategic partners.

Support Office Leaders

Office of Financial Management

Karen Ray
Budget Director

As Budget Director, Karen Ray leads the development of EERE's corporate budget and oversees how it is executed.

Business Operations

Scott Hine
Project Management and Coordination 
Scott Hine is responsible for informing and facilitating unified and highly effective EERE corporate planning and program implementation through the identification and deployment of active project management policies, procedures, best practices, and lessons learned.

Jennifer Blankenheim
Workforce Management Office Director

Jennifer Blankenheim and her team are the lead for coordination with the Office of Human Capital, in addition to diversity, workforce strategy, talent management, facilities, and administrative support. All of these functions provide essential support to EERE's corporate business processes and mission.

Derek Passarelli
Golden Field Office Director

Derek Passarelli leads EERE staff in Golden, Colorado in moving toward a low-carbon, energy-secure economy. He oversees Golden’s operations and support functions, as well as the management and operation contract with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

John W. Meeker
Procurement Services Deputy, Golden Field Office

In his role as Deputy of Procurement Services at the Golden Field Office in the Office of EERE, John Meeker directs the procurement activity—both acquisition and financial assistance—for EERE programs and projects in virtually all technology areas.

Timothy J. Meeks
Business Services Director, Golden Field Office

As Deputy Director of the Business Services Division, Tim Meeks oversees Golden's Legal, Environment, Human Resources, Laboratory Oversight, Finance, and Facilities functions.

Bindu Jacob
Information Technology Services Office Director

Bindu Jacob oversees EERE's Information Technology Services Office, providing information technology and business management systems support and ensuring IT investments are aligned, integrated, effective, and responsive to the organization's needs.

Special Initiatives

Robert Graham 
EV Everywhere Director

As Director of EV Everywhere, Robert Graham is responsible for the DOE's initiatives to increase market penetration of plug-in electric vehicles.